Below are books by Brenna Harlow available for pre-order, listed in relation to their expected release dates.

Evelyn has a secret she doesn’t want to tell.
Norvyc has regrets eating his soul.

One human. One dhampir. Two unlikely lovers.

Evelyn has grown used to the idea that she may be the only remaining female in the base who doesn’t have a mate. 
She’s fine with it, really. Her new friendship has blossomed, the outside world is safe enough to visit in short bursts, and she finally has a job again. Things couldn’t be better.
Except they could, and the stranger she keeps meeting in the ruined cities is proving it to her with every secret kiss they share.

This is book 7 in Brenna Harlow’s SoulBlood series, and follows Evelyn as she rediscovers both herself and her romantic needs. This story contains just enough sweetness to make you swoon, while also packing a punch in the spice department. Blood bonding, fated mates, and intimacy are a certainty.

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