Lookie, Lookie! Coming Soon are New Bookies!

Below are books by Brenna Harlow available for pre-order, listed in relation to their expected release dates.

Book six in the SoulBlood Series features two recent additions to the cast; The Light and Ren.

This is a vampire romance novel set in a post apocalyptic America, featuring beloved paranormal romance tropes such as fated mates, blood bonding, telepathy between lovers, protective heroes, ‘MINE’, and more.

Schedule to release in the summer/fall of 2022.

Visit the sales page here to pre-order.

The Blood in Me is a pregnancy novella involving Kora and Aldeon, the first couple featured in the SoulBlood Series.

Follow Kora in her quest to overcome the struggles of carrying the first hybrid child during times of uncertainty. How long will it take before she’s as round as a melon and ready to tear Aldeon to shreds?

Better yet, how will Aldeon cope with the anxiety of knowing his mate is suffering through this process alone, and he can do nothing to ease her ailing body?

Let’s find out together, and best of all, let’s welcome a fresh soul into the SoulBlood family.

Click here to be redirected to the pre-order sales page.

Saved by the Shadow Demon is the third standalone in the Sinner Lords universe.

More details will be released closer to the publication date, but you can expect a satanic sacrifice gone wrong, the summoning of a demon, a human woman kidnapped twice in one night, and a creature who will do whatever it takes to protect his new, fascinating toy.

Monsters are frightening when they’re under you’re bed, but what about when they’re in it?

Saved by the Shadow Demon is a Male/Female Paranormal Romance with Horror Romance elements. It can be read completely on it’s on, and will end with a Happily Ever After. This novel contains language and scenes not suitable for a young audiences. Reader Discretion Advised.

Visit the sales page here to pre-order.

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